51 Trailer Sales

Have a tractor or trailer-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!


Will my vehicle be able to pull the trailer I want?

When it comes to trailer sales, each vehicle has a different tow capacity. You should always check your tow vehicle's owner's manual to find the specifications for towing. Reach out today to learn more.


Do your trailers come with warranties?

Yes! Each of our trailer sales includes a manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty varies from brand to brand, and we will give you all the information upon request. Call 51 Trailer Sales today to get started.


What is the deck height of a trailer?

All trailer deck heights vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and the trailer type. The deck height of a trailer is the distance from the bed of your trailer to the ground. A lower-profile deck height will make loading and unloading a lot easier. Contact us today to learn from the top provider of trailer sales in Wisconsin.


Do I need brakes on a trailer?

It depends on the weight of the trailer, what you're hauling, and your state rules and regulations. Call us today if you have any other questions about trailer sales, and we'd be happy to answer them.


Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do! As the leader of trailer sales in Wisconsin, we offer great financing options. Check out our financing page at https://www.51trailersales.com/financing or contact us today to get started.


Do trailers come with ramps?

Ramps are usually considered an optional feature on trailers. The trailer you're looking at may include that feature already in its listed sale price. If it's not covered in the standard features of the trailer, we can provide you with information about optional add-on ramps for your trailer. Give us a call today to learn more from experts on quality trailer sales.


Can I order a trailer in the color of my choice?

In most cases, yes! We're happy to provide various options for trailer sales. We're able to special-order a trailer in the color of your choice for an additional fee. However, it depends on the trailer brand and dealer. Each brand's trailer comes with a standard set of colors at no additional cost.


Is there a seamless finish available on enclosed cargo trailers?

Yes! Select brands offer an upgrade option for seamless/screwless outside panels to go on the enclosed cargo trailers. When you're looking for trailer sales, ask about this option to see if it's available for the trailer you'd like to buy.


Do you offer service on different trailer makes and models?

Yes, in addition to excellent trailer sales, we offer full service on all makes and models of trailers. We have factory-certified and trained technicians to keep you rolling! Reach out today to get started with our team of professionals.


Do you sell trailer parts? 

Yes! When it comes to trailer sales, we have a full parts department. If we don’t have the part you're looking for, we can order it. Call us today to check out our available parts.